Stainless steel tables
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Stainless steel tables

Stainless steel tables

Tables made of stainless steel are used for meat processing in sausage shops, in poultry and fish processing shops, etc. The design of our tables takes into account all the nuances for the convenience of work. The specialists of our company can offer you the development of a set of tables for caving, packing, trimming, defrosting for the processing of poultry meat, fish, etc. Our main task is the simplicity and reliability of our equipment in your production. 

When planning a production facility, the main thing is to take into account the arrangement of equipment, this is not an unimportant issue, since from this will be the practicality and convenience of the staff. Therefore, all location factors are taken into account in the production of boning and trimming tables. The presence of technological boards, shelves for boxes for packing meat. The design of the table for deboning and trimming provides for the work of two people, the presence of shelves for food boxes will help place a container for waste and finished products there.

Types of production tables: wall tables without bots and with sides, cutting tables, with a grid shelf and a solid bottom shelf, with a hole for waste.

Также на на предприятиях пищевой промышленности не обойтись без технологических столов. Которые  используются в таких технологических процессах как: фасовки полуфабрикатов , вязки колбас,обвалки, жиловки, разделки туши, нутровки скота и др.

Особенностью конструкции стола для обваловки мяса является наличие полиэтиленовой столешницы толщиной 25 мм.

В процессе работы полиэтиленовая поверхность препятствует  быстрому износу лезвия ножа, а также способствует лучшей фиксации мяса.При износе поверхности из полиэтиленовой доски она легки подвергается демонтажу и замене.При этом конструкция стола остается неизменной.

Для переработки мяса птицы наша фирма производит столы с перфорированной столешницей .      

Table-tops are polyethylene food
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Polyethylene food table-tops Polyethylene of a high pressure is used at production of table-tops for obvalochny, zhilovochny tables, packs for the cabin of meat. Advantages of this material are that it does not zatuplyat an edge of knives, wearproof it is not subject to influence of acids, and...
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Tables made of stainless steel are used for meat processing in sausage shops, in poultry and fish processing shops, etc.